Speedometer and Instrument Cluster Repair

Speedometer and Instrument Cluster Repair

I currently offer refurbishing / repairs of car and truck instrument clusters, gauges, speedometers, lighting modules, Ford fuse box repairs for fuel pump failures, Ford overhead console (compass / outside temperature gauge).

Do you have a problem in your f150, f250, f350, E150, E250, E350 with your gauge cluster, radio, and power windows intermittently failing? The problem’s in the cluster, I can fix this. I also can replace any climate control, radio back lighting and any switches that contains a light, overhead display units, and any other automotive electrical repairs. A full rebuild includes replacing all gauge drivers, replacing all back lighting, (CONVERT TO LED LIGHTING FOR AN ADDITIONAL $30 IF DONE WITH A REBUILD), repairing all known problems with the circuit boards that will cause problems in the future if not addressed, calibrating the gauge needles, and bench test. My goal is to get your repaired component back to you or shipped back to you the same day.

I can correct mileage but will only do it legally. PLEASE DON’T CALL AND ASK ME TO FRAUDULENTLY ROLLBACK YOUR MILEAGE! I’VE GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO THEN SPEND THE NEXT 10 YEARS IN JAIL! If the original cluster is not available, I will require a carfax report and a signed disclaimer.

I can also change any of the lights to LED type bulbs, Any color you want, Even if your car or truck already has LED’s, I can customize all of the colors. this includes all dash switches and climate control panel, window switches, etc. Colors can also be faded across the cluster. Looks very unique and cool! I use only high quality pcb mounted LED’S or light diffusing LED’S. The cheap LED’S that most company’s use cause so called “hot spots” or bright and dark areas.

You have the option to mail the units to Ebay for repair but Most Ebay companies only replace what’s broken or you mail the cluster out then get a phone call saying you need additional repairs. By this time you have no other option but to pay what they’re asking! This is why they advertise so cheaply. I replace all components known to fail and all back lighting bulbs if they are burned out or not. I also use high quality replacement parts unlike the eBay vendors. If you would like to mail your component to me I will gladly repair it as soon as I receive the package then ship it back to you asap.